Tuesday, November 29, 2011

(Ebook - English) Access To Other People's Systems Made Simple

Book 1:

The majority of successful attacks on computer systems via the Internet can be traced to exploitation of security flaws in software and operating systems. These few software vulnerabilities account for the majority of successful attacks, simply because attackers are opportunistic – taking the easiest and most convenient route. They exploit the best-known flaws with the most effective and widely available attack tools. Most software, including operating systems and applications, comes with installation scripts or installation programs. The goal of these installation programs is to get the systems installed as quickly as possible, with the most useful functions enabled, with the least amount of work being performed by the administrator. To accomplish this goal, the scripts typically install more components than most users need. The vendor philosophy is that it is better to enable functions that are not needed, than to make the user install additional functions when they are needed. This approach, although convenient for the user, creates many of the most dangerous security vulnerabilities because users do not actively maintain and patch software components they don’t use. Furthermore, many users fail to realize what is actually installed, leaving dangerous samples on a system simply because users do not know they are there. Those unpatched services provide paths for attackers to take over computers.. TO read more download eBooks....

Book 2:

Google: A Hacker's Best Friend
In the last few years a number of news articles appeared that warned of the fact that hackers (or
crackers if you will) make use of the google search engine to gain access to files they shouldn't be
allowed to see or have access to. This knowledge is nothing new to some people but personally I have
always wondered how exactly a thing like this works. VNUnet’s James Middleton wrote an article in
2001 talking about hackers using a special search string on google to find sensitive banking data:
"One such posting on a security newsgroup claimed that searching using the string 'Index of /
+banques +filetype:xls' eventually turned up sensitive Excel spreadsheets from French banks. The
same technique could also be used to find password files"[1]
Another article that appeared on wired.com told us how Adrian Lamo, a hacker who made the news
often the last couple of years, explained that google could be used to gain access to websites of big
corporations... download eBooks to read more..

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